Since the invention of angle grinder back in the 50’s, this handheld power tool has become very popular with craftsmen, construction workers, and DIY people. Aside from grinding, this device can also be used for other projects such as cutting, polishing, sharpening, etc. When choosing an angle grinder, it would be wise to consider its […]

An angle grinder is a heavy duty power tool that people use for home improvement projects or purchase to use in their work environment. Another common name for an angle grinder is side grinder. It is known as a side grinder because it is held sideways in order to perform the work. Most of the […]

A surface grinder is a very valuable power tool that can be used for adding the final touches to many surfaces, including glass, metal, concrete and even precious stones, such as diamonds. In order to perform such a beneficial operation, surface grinders are fitted with a grinding wheel that is often covered with diamond dust. The […]

We all know how useful an angle grinder is, especially if you are a do-it-yourself’er or professional regularly working on stone, metal, and wood materials. This power tool is designed for grinding, polishing, and cutting, which you can conveniently perform because of its shape and size. Having an adjustable speed is also one of the […]

The 21st century is not complete without technology. In fact, the 21st century cannot be imagined without our everyday cars, air-conditioners, mobile phones, and other similar things. Technology is always there to help us in our everyday situations, and it has given us the power to support our rapidly growing needs in order to lead […]

For people who are looking for a handy power tool, not only the overall power of the device is deemed to be important but it’s overall usability and functionality too. With an angle grinder, you will have a multipurpose tool that can tackle a lot of different projects at home and at work. But since […]

A 7 inch angle grinder forms part of a series of handheld power tools that are used for grinding or cutting metals and stone, thanks to its high speed, abrasive rotating discs. In addition to this, seven inch angle grinders can also be used to polish surfaces; depending on the expected results and finish of […]

An angle grinder is a handheld power tool that is used for grinding, cutting and polishing. This tool can be powered with the help of electric motor, compressed air or petrol engine. It works as the motor drives the geared head at a right angle where an abrasive disc or thin cut off disc is […]

Why is an air grinder practical for performing tough jobs? We are all aware as to how an electric or cordless grinder works as this is a common tool in workshops and construction sites. An air grinder works the same way and functions the same way too; they’ll grind, sand, hone, polish hard surfaces such […]

People who invest in an angle grinder are typically contractors who work in the field or handymen that frequently improve their home. An angle grinder can also be known as a disc grinder because it uses blades or discs in order to complete the job. These discs can range in size and price depending on […]