Power tools have significantly changed the way most jobs are done. From DIY jobs to professional building and manufacturing jobs, amazonbuttonpower tools have been designed to make the work easier and more efficient.

The cut off tool is one tool which has changed the way metal cutting and grinding is done. Also referred to as the Cordless Angle Grinder, this abrasive tool has served to significantly reduce the time and energy required to get the job done, and as the designs improve, the levels of efficiency continue to improve with each added feature.

While power and control are assumed to be characteristic of most if not all power tools, the fact is that all power tools are not created equal and the extent to which they possess these features can vary. On the other hand many may not expect comfort when using a power tool, but technology has made it possible, and again the extent to which this is part of a tool’s design varies.

The need to use angle grinder reviews when making a purchase has increased with the many available brands and devices that have numerous features. The ultimate task is to find the one that best suits your need and will give you optimal results. The two best Cordless Angle Grinders are reviewed below, highlighting some of their best features.

A Closer Look at 2 of the Top Cordless Angle Grinders Today

Good cordless grinders are not easy to come by but we feel we zeroed in on the 2 that contain the features people are looking for. Read on and decide for yourself.

Top Features of the DEWALT 18 Volt Cordless Cut Off Tool

DEWALT has produced a battery powered cut off tool, which is equipped with high power for cutting and grinding applications. With a 6500 rpm motor, this tool has quite a bit of power which makes it easier to get the job done.

It also saves time as it allows you to make quicker cuts and faster grinding. With this power, it can cut through rusted rebar, steel I-beams, and even corroded angle iron. The power is further enhanced by the 4 ½ inches diameter cutting wheels which are well designed to cut and grind metal.

To increase the level of control the user has when using DEWALT 18 Volt Cordless Cut-Off Tool, it has been designed with a 2-position side handle. This allows you to comfortably use this cutter, which weighs only 5.8 pounds, by changing the position of the handle to suit the situation you are working in, while still having full control of the tool.

Another element that increases the level of control the user has is the low profile gear case. This gear case provides very precise gear alignment.

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In the event that it becomes necessary to remove the wheels, the process is very simple with the quick-change wheel release feature. There is no need to get your wrench or any other tool because the procedure is very simple and built-in.

The battery is not included with the purchase of the tool and therefore has to be purchased separately.

Top Features of the PORTER-CABLE 18 Volt Cordless Expansion Angle Grinder

This battery-powered cutter takes the power level a little higher with a high torque 8500 rpm motor to support cutting and grinding applications. With this tool, the aim is for greater speed and higher levels of efficiency.

It is powered by the Porter-Cable Interchangeable 18–Volt Lithium-Ion and Nickel Cadmium Angle Grinder battery. However, the battery is not included with the purchase of the tool.

Weighing 6.8 pounds, the PORTER-CABLE 18 Volt Cordless Expansion Angle Grinder is built to last. The gear housing is made from cast metal, which increases its durability.

However, this tough shell does not discount the comfort feature of this tool as it is made with an ergonomically designed soft grip handle for comfort and control. This handle also has a trigger guard that provides added protection for the user.

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Another feature that gives additional control to the user is the 3-position adjustable side handle. This allows you to use the tool in various positions while still maintaining proper control of it. This is useful for cutting or grinding that must be done in places that require unusual positioning of the tool.

Whenever necessary, the spindle lock feature allows you to make changes with a single wrench bit.