People who invest in an angle grinder are typically contractors who work in the field or handymen that frequently improve their home. An angle grinder can also be known as a disc grinder because it uses blades or discs in order to complete the job. These discs can range in size and price depending on the amount of work they are about to complete. They are handheld power tools that can be used for a variety of operations.

The different jobs that can be done with an angle grinder include cutting, grinding, and polishing. It works by applying pressure to the material by using a right angle. The right angle allows for more difficult jobs to be done with ease. A common benefit of this tool is that they are adjustable and can be angled to support the right cut for the job.

Straight grinders can not be used for certain jobs that a disc grinder can. Cutting tiles to the exact measurement can be an extremely difficult job to complete. By purchasing a grinder that cuts at an angle, the user can easily perform this task. Powering a side grinder can be done with battery, electricity, or high pressure. This allows a person to choose the best tool for them depending on the resources they have available.

Top Features of the Hitachi G12SR3 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

This is a more affordable option for people who only need to use an angle grinder for a short period of time or for a smaller project. This power tool features a convenient side switch, 5 abrasive discs, and a carrying case.

Despite the size of the Hitachi grinder, it provides a 6 amp motor and 400 W of output power for the user. This makes tough grinding jobs easy to complete.  Some jobs may require the use of several different sized discs to finish the work. The Hitachi grinder includes a spindle lock which makes changing discs and other accessories simple to do.

This angle grinder also provides auto stop brushes that are made out of carbon steel. These are considered to be high durability and ensure that clean cuts will be made each time the power tool is used.

The brushes will automatically stop the tool and let you know it needs to be cleaned before using it if there is too much dust or debris on the blade. It is a nice benefit to have when performing jobs that are not well ventilated. This ensures that the life of the grinder will be prolonged and makes the motor more functional as well.

The power input is 700 watts and is considered to be one of the highest outputs it its class. The hitachi grinder only weighs 3 pounds and measures 10 inches long. It is easy to transport to off-site jobs and can easily be stored in tool box or provided carrying bag when not in use.

The low profile design allows the user to get into hard to reach crevices that typical angle grinders can not reach because of their size. The lightweight of the angle grinder also allows the user to easily maneuver the device without using too much force.

Hitachi provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to any person who chooses to purchase the Hitachi G12SR3 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder from their company. They will refund your money back if the grinder does not meet the requirements for the job at hand.

If people choose to keep the angle grinder after 30-days and decide it’s the best angle grinder for them, then Hitachi includes a 1 year limited warranty against any defects the device may encounter. This allows a user to feel confident in their purchase and know that their investment will be protected.

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