Since the invention of angle grinder back in the 50’s, this handheld power tool has become very popular with amazonbuttoncraftsmen, construction workers, and DIY people. Aside from grinding, this device can also be used for other projects such as cutting, polishing, sharpening, etc.

When choosing an angle grinder, it would be wise to consider its power as having a powerful motor also means having a powerful unit that can perform various types of jobs efficiently. Depending on your particular needs and requirements, you can choose to get a small 2 inch angle grinder or something as big as a 7-inch model.

If you’re considering getting the Metabo W8-115 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder, know that you’ll be acquiring a top class product as Metabo grinders are popular for their quality and long life. This particular unit is an updated version of a previous model (W7-115); so it’s considered to be a better device all in all.

The W8-115 Metabo grinder is a 4.5 inch model of angle grinder that’s powered by 8.0 AMP motor; so you can imagine how powerful it is. In fact its maximum torque is 19.5 inch pounds, which is really impressive for such a small device. And with a maximum speed of 10,000 RPM, you can accomplish a lot of projects with this efficient equipment.


Top Features of the Metabo W8-115 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

Because the W8-115 Metabo grinder has a powerful 8.0 Amp motor, it can produce a high torque output as well. It also comes with other useful features such as an efficient disc brake system which enables the unit to immediately stop once the machine is turned off.

Its design also incorporates a simple technology when changing discs and guards even without tools so as to make operation truly safe and convenient. This model also makes use of Metabo’s patented technology on the handle , the Metabo VibraTech (MVT), which reduces the unit’s vibration during operation so as to lessen the user’s exposure to too much shaking which can lead to hand fatigue and other health hazards.

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Fans of the previous model, Metabo grinder W7-115, will also like this latest version of angle grinder as it has the same feel and overall use. The only noticeable difference that a lot of customers noted is the change in the design of the switch, which actually made it better, as the unit can be easily switched on and off while holding on to the device. And since the side handle can be installed on either side of the main unit’s body, it can be used with any dominant hand while operating the machine.

As a really versatile angle grinder, this model can be used for grinding, cutting, cleaning, brushing, sanding, and polishing when used with different discs and wheels. Metal, wood, stone, concrete, and brick projects can be handled by this multipurpose device too.

Note, however, that Metabo grinders are power tools; and as such, this type of equipment needs to be handled with safety precautions in mind. As sparks can occur during operation and shards of materials can exist in one’s working environment, proper protective gear and clothing should be worn when this tool is in use.

Keep in mind that even the blades can break while using this handheld tool, so you should always attach the wheel guard and make sure that every piece of accessory is properly installed before operating the unit too. By employing all the appropriate methods of using the W8-115 angle grinder, you can make this device truly useful in your workshop.

Although its price may seem higher than other models grinders, as the Metabo W8-115 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder is normally priced at about $110, it is still considered to be a good buy because of its many outstanding features and overall design and functionality. It also has a generous 1 year warranty which can be extended up to 3 years when registration is made online.

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