A 7 inch angle grinder forms part of a series of handheld power tools that are used for grinding or cutting metals and stone, thanks to its high speed, abrasive rotating discs. In addition to this, seven inch angle grinders can also be used to polish surfaces; depending on the expected results and finish of the surface in question, different disc attachments can be chosen to undertake the polishing job, with higher grit level polishing pads used for achieving a rougher surface.

This type of grinder is relatively larger than most of the other models, delivering a higher power output and covering a greater area of work space. Most 7 inch angle grinders are fitted with top quality diamond discs that are designed to withstand the demands of heavy duty grinding and cutting operations. Of the models currently available in the industry, the DEWALT DW840K 7-Inch Angle Grinder and the DEWALT D28499X 7-Inch/9-Inch 5.3-Horsepower Large Angle Grinder stand out for their performance and durability, among other features.

Digging Into the Two Best Angle Grinders – 7 Inch

Let’s take a look at these two angle grinders, both measuring 7 inches and offering maximum performance from a trusted brand.

Dewalt DW840K 7-Inch Angle Grinder with Bag and Wheels

This grinder is powered by a 13 – amp AC/DC motor that delivers a total of 8000 rpm, making it an ideal choice for performing more heavy duty tasks in comparison to smaller models. At the same time, the grinder is very compact, weighing a mere 19 pounds and allowing for easy use without the fatigue. In addition, its power to weight ratio is remarkably high, and this serves to maximize work efficiency for faster and more effective results. This model features a series of safety perks, including the presence of an inbuilt adjustable guard that diverts any dust or sparks away from the operator.

Following use, theDW840K can be easily serviced, thanks to the presence of external brush caps with which this model is equipped. This 7 inch angle grinder sports an ergonomic design, with a rear handle that makes working a whole lot easier on the arms.

Special features, such as the presence of sealed ball and roller bearings, add a touch of robustness to this angle grinder, allowing it to perform at its optimum capacity for a very long period of time.

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The DEWALT DW840K is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee, along with a 3 year seal of warranty that puts a user’s mind at ease, knowing that this brand supports its products even after purchase. This model features a very unique design, with a user friendly approach to bit changes; its spindle lock button facilitates such changes using only one wrench. The entire kit assembly includes the grinder, grinding wheels, wrench and clamp nut, backing flange and a durable DEWALT bag that adds a professional look, while providing all of the requisite compartments for storage.

DEWALT D28499X 7-Inch/9-Inch 5.3-Horsepower Large Angle Grinder

Unlike other angle grinders, this model features a 5.3 horse power motor that yields 6000 rpm, coupled with the added advantage of overload protection. This added feature allows the grinder to adjust its speed in accordance to the load in question. This model also features a keyless adjustable guard, making it easier to handle and adjust without the need for additional tools.

The DEWALT D28499X grinder comes equipped with automatic turn – off brushes that would halt the operation of the grinder whenever the brushes must be replaced.

Such a mechanism prevents any damage to the grinder and adds to its overall durability. This 7 inch angle grinder is also fitted with a rotating rear handle that optimizes ease of use and comfort. This model is backed by a one year warranty and service contract. Customers also get the chance to enjoy a 30-day risk free trial.

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